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Network and modelling analyses to describe the dynamics of the Ixodes ricinus microbiome and its influence in pathogen dynamics
Name of the call for tenders
T Pollet (INRA UMR BIPAR, Maisons Alfort)
Participants de MaIAGE
B Laroche, S Labarthe
BIPAR (Maisons Alfort), EPIA (Theix), MIA Paris
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Ixodes ricinus is the prevalent tick species in Europe and is recognized as the primary European vector of disease-causing bacteria in humans, including Borrelia burgdorferi sensu lato, the causative agent of Lyme borreliosis. With the recent concept of pathobiome, it is now established that many tick-borne pathogens coexist with other micro-organisms (microbiome). However, little is known about the dynamics of I. ricinus microbiome, its ecological patterns and its potential role in pathogen evolution. These informations are crucial to keep on improving our knowledge on tick-borne diseases. Using both ecosystemic (three consecutive years of tick DNA samples) and experimental approaches, this project aims to identify the spatio-temporal patterns in I. ricinus microbiome and characterize its influence on pathogens. Both PCR microfluidigm and next generation sequencing technologies will be used to identify the tick pathogen and microbiome dynamics. Network and modelling analyses will be specifically adapted to deal with these biological data and will allow to identify potential co-occurrence between pathogens and tick microbiome and will help to better understand pathogen installation and evolution. The proposed working group will bring together microbial biologists and mathematicians, to share tools and approaches, to look for patterns in tick microbiome using adapted statistical analyses and modelling and to propose future directions for the tick microbiome ecology research and the control of tick-borne diseases.
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