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Bioinformatics and Statistics for omics data

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Animator : Mahendra Mariadassou

This team aims to develop and implement statistical and bioinformatics methods dedicated to the analysis of "omics" data.

  • From a biological point of view, the issues addressed mainly concern the structural and functional annotation of genomes, gene regulation, evolutionary dynamics of genomes and the characterization of microbial ecosystems in terms of diversity and present functions; a common target being the relationship between genotype and phenotype. An increasingly important part of our activity is related to the integration of heterogeneous "omics" data to extract relevant information and also to predict biological processes.

  • From a methodological point of view, our work is essentially of a statistical nature: estimation of distributions, inference of models with latent variables, prediction of relationships between sets of variables, segmentation, visualization and classification, with particular attention to the large dimension framework that characterizes the majority of the "omics" data sets studied. This research is often based on very strong bioinformatics engineering.