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Titre du projet
Cross-sectoral framework for quality Assurance Resources for countries in the European Union
Nom de l'appel d'offre
European Joint project One Health
Rene Hendriksen
Participants de MaIAGE
Michel-Yves Mistou, Forum Shah
Partenaires (hors MaIAGE)
DTU (Copenhage), Institut Pasteur (Pasteur), ANSES (Maisons-Alfort), PIWET (Varsaw),
Année de démarrage - Année de fin de projet
Date de fin du projet
The objective of CARE is to enhance collaboration between the public health, food and animal health sectors across the EU, in order to increase joint preparedness, in relation to bacterial zoonotic (especially foodborne) infections as mentioned in the priority topics. The project will be setting standards that will strengthen already existing systems for proficiency testing, reference material and quality/availability of demographic data.
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