Lundi 23 mars 2020

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Jean-François Rey
R package et Shiny Apps development using GitLab CI/CD pipeline
Nowadays computer project management tools are widely widespread, many of them,
provide a specific part of project life cycle management or are third-parties solutions.
Here we introduce an open source and free solution to manage R packages developments and deliveries.
In this presentation we will focus on the GitLab Community Edition self-hosted, a web-based
Git-repository and projet life cycle management. Then we focus in it continuous integration and delivery pipeline part, using Docker and VirtualBox, for R packaging et R Shiny Apps deliveries.
This local solution uses in our laboratory allows us to develop R codes in a collaborative mode and to automate R packages checking and building (archives and binaries).This process allows us to share private and/or in development R packages on multiples OS and to accelerate CRAN submission by decreasing checking error. Finally the R shiny pipeline allow us to build and deploy in production without the intervention of the IT staff.
Salle de réunion 142, bâtiment 210
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