Lundi 18 septembre 2017

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Wolfram Liebermeister
Enzyme and flux cost functions for metabolic modelling

Metabolic fluxes in cells are sometimes assumed to reflect an economical use of enzymes. To apply this principle of "minimal enzyme cost" and to study its consequences, I consider two types of computational metabolic models: models in which fluxes are given and metabolite levels are chosen to minimise enzyme cost; and models in which the fluxes themselves are optimised. In the first case, optimal enzyme and metabolite levels can be computed by solving a convex optimization problem, and connections between enzyme cost and reaction thermodynamics become very apparent. In the second case, we obtain a nonlinear version of flux balance analysis, a method commonly used in flux prediction. Optimal metabolic fluxes can be found be screening the elementary flux modes, a well-defined set of maximally sparse flux distributions. Altogether, we obtain a tractable method for predicting optimal fluxes, metabolite levels, and enzyme levels in kinetic models of central metabolism.

Salle de réunion 142, bâtiment 210
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