Lundi 5 juin 2023

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CEA Nouvelle-Aquitaine
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Gaël Poëtte
Building and solving efficient reduced models for the uncertain linear Boltz-
man equation: applications to neutronics (keff ) and photonics

Many physical applications rely on Monte-Carlo (MC) codes to solve partial differential equations. The MC resolution implies the sampling of the variables (x, t, v) (position, time, velocity). The simulations are costly but the MC resolution is competitive due to the high dimensional (3(x) + 3(v) + 1(t) = 7) problem. The number of articles NMC controls the accuracy which is O( 1/\sqrt{NMC}). Obviously, propagating uncertainties with respect to different parameters X ∈ Rd is of great interest. We then often face a 7 + d dimensional problem. Non-intrusive methods are usually applied (use of N runs of a black box code). When applying any non-intrusive method to propagate uncertainties through an MC code, the physical space (x, t, v) and the uncertain space (X) are both explored thanks to two different designs. The first one has NMC particles to explore the space (x, t, v), the second one has N runs for the uncertain one X. The two MC samplings are tensorised: N × NMC particles are processed for an overall error O( 1/\sqrt NMC). An uncertainty propagation study is consequently costly. But MC designs should allow avoiding the tensorisation of the NMC particles and N runs [3, 4, 1, 2, 5, 6]: the main idea of this work is to sample the whole space (x, t, v, X) with the same MC design. This implies sampling X within the code, hence the intrusiveness of the approach. The benefit of the approach will be presented on neutronic (kef f ) and photonic applications.

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