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Artifical Metabolic Networks
Jean-Loup Faulon
Participants de MaIAGE
Wolfram Liebermeister
Partenaires (hors MaIAGE)
Micalis, AgroParisTech
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Our main objective is to demonstrate that the metabolism of microorganisms can serve as a device for solving computational problems. The primary role of metabolism is to process food and it is not a priori viewed as an information processing apparatus. Yet, organisms have evolved to cope with different environments and metabolism necessarily played a role in processing environmental signals to the genetic layer. Here we hypothesize that the capacity of metabolism to process information can be diverted to tackle problems that are typically solved by artificial intelligence and in particular by artificial neural networks (ANNs). Our objective is to formalize the relationship between microorganism metabolic models and ANNs and to exploit this relationship to engineer bacterial metabolism in the context of biotechnology.
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