Adress: INRAE - MaIAGE Unit
              Domaine de Vilvert - Bat 233
              78352 JOUY-EN-JOSAS CEDEX
Phone: +33 1 34 65 22 36

Research interest

I am interested in the development of new methods to study microbial ecosystem with metagenomic sequencing.



On-going projects


Bioinformatics working groups

  • Board member of PEPI IBIS since 2015
  • Co-organiser of metagenomics working group of PEPI IBIS since 2013
  • In charge of the Workpackage ANNOT of the CATI BOOM since 2019

Supervising and co-supervising

  • Solène Pety (Septembre 2021-January 2023) M2 internship -  Master of Bioinformatics - Rouen University.
    Development of methods for strain and genes fluxes from metagenomic datasets along an food production chain

  • Nathan Godart (May - July 2021) L3 internship, Poitiers University 
    Test of Antobiotic Resistance Gene haplotype reconstructions methods in metagenomic datasets

  • Anne-Carmen Sanchez (February - July 2020 and Sept 2020-July 2021). M2 internship - Paris 6 University - Engineer
    Analysis of microbial diversity in metagenomic datasets - Analysis of genes and strains fluxes in chicken metagenomes

  • Benoit Goutorbe (September 2019 - August 2022). Ph. D student - Paris Saclay University 
    Developement & implementation of a precise method for human microbiota study with a clinical application

  • Yassin El Djoudi (June - July 2019). L3 internship, Poitiers University 
    Intraspecific polymorphism study on gut microbiota prevalent species from sequenced genomes.

  • Daniel de Murat (March - July 2018). M1 Internship - Master of Bioinformatics, Paris 7 University
    Comparative analysis of metagenomic analysis tools.

  • Quentin Cavaillé (October 2017- March 2019). Web and databases engineer.
    Development of a tool for cheese ecosystem analysis with metagenomic datasets.

  • Thibaut Guirimand (October 2015 - August 2017). Web and databases engineer.
    Development of a tool for cheese ecosystem analysis with metagenomic datasets.

  • Charlie Pauvert (April 2014 - August 2016): M1 and M2 internship (2 years apprenticeship) -  Master of Bioinformatics - Rouen University.
    Cheese ecosystems metagenomics - Explorations & improvements around a bioinformatics tool

  • Amira Hamdi (February - June 2012). M2 internship - Master of Bioinformatics - Evry Universty  Cheese ecosystem analyses



Since 2017 : Research engineer in bioinformatics in MaIAGE Unit, team StatInfOmics

2011- 2016 : Research engineer in bioinformatics in Micalis, teams FME, Fine, IFE

2010 - 2011 : Post-Doc at IBENS (12 months) - Supervisor: Lionel Navarro

2009 - 2010 : Post Doc at ENS-Lyon (18 months) - Supervisor: Gaël Yvert

2005 - 2009 : Ph. D in bioinformatics in Atelier de Bioinformatique de Paris 6 - Supervisors: Eduardo Rocha and Joël Pothier

Recent publications

All my publications and communications are available on prodinra and google schoolar


  • Falentin, H., Auer, L., Mariadassou, M., Pascal, G., Rué, O., Dugat-Bony, E., ... & Abraham, AL. (2019). Guide pratique à destination des biologistes, bioinformaticiens et statisticiens qui souhaitent s’ initier aux analyses métabarcoding.
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  • Mkaouar, H., Akermi, N., Kriaa, A., Abraham, A. L., Jablaoui, A., Soussou, S., ... & Rhimi, M. (2019). Serine protease inhibitors and human wellbeing interplay: new insights for old friends. PeerJ, 7, e7224.


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  • Dobrijevic D, Abraham AL, Jamet A, Maguin E, van de Guchte M. Functional Comparison of Bacteria from the Human Gut and Closely Related Non-Gut Bacteria Reveals the Importance of Conjugation and a Paucity of Motility and Chemotaxis Functions in the Gut Environment. PLoS One. 2016 Jul 14;11(7):e0159030. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0159030. eCollection 2016. PubMed PMID: 27416027; PubMed Central PMCID: PMC4945068.
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