Titre du projet
Galaxy For Life Science
Name of the call for tenders
O. Inizan (MaIAGE)
Participants de MaIAGE
Olivier Inizan Valentin Marcon
URGI, CATI Bios4Biol, Cirad, IRD, GABI
Beginning and end of the year
Year of end
With virtualization technologies the way we consider accessibility and reproducibility (A/R) in computing science has shifted. From the classical approach where A/R was possible through bioinformatics tools distribution, we are now ready to use appliances available on marketplaces hosted in a cloud. Such appliances represent an important shift because not only tools are accessible for reproducibility, but also all the components contributing to the environment of analysis. As virtualization and cloud computing technologies will expand, we expect that the ability to build such containers and to deploy them on heterogeneous infrastructures (desktop, cloud, medium infrastructure hosted in a lab) will become a major topic for the activity consisting in providing services to scientists. On the other hand, the galaxy platform meets a great success in several scientific communities and becomes an important layer of environments dedicated to biological analysis. In this project, we plan to provide ready-to-use Galaxy-environments for analysis to several scientific communities. This project will be organized around two axes. In the first axe, partners from several scientific communities will design representative use cases. In the second axe, use cases will be implemented as containers and made accessible on the IFB cloud infrastructure. We expect that the technical solutions and expertise developed during the project will be re-usable and useful for wider scientific communities, specially for the european life science community: ELIXIR.
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